Making Money From Betting
Making Money From
Ways you can make risk free money!
A wide range of choice for online punters means bookmakers have to complete fiercely for money. Punters have become more spohisticated and won't put up with poor value and service. This competition has created opportunuties to make risk-free profit, either as a one-off transaction or on a regular basis.Here are ways you can earn risk-free money.
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A little bit about this site…

The Internet is swamped with gambling information of all kinds, yet upon closer examination, 99% of all gambling sites are pretty much identical to one other. The content is best described as a collection of flash banners and generic information, barely differing from one site to another.

The purpose of the large majority of these sites is to make you sign up with one of the companies they are affiliated with. The site then makes a commission from your total losses or receives a one-off finder’s fee. I am not going to pretend my site isn’t set up to receive referral kickbacks, but it does differ in that I guarantee you a wealth of valuable and truthful information. Let me explain.

In my “Making Money From Betting” section I will only give you advice on how to profit from betting. In other words, I won't advise you to play Casino or buy Lottery tickets. There is nothing wrong with these activities if you enjoy them, but you will lose money in the long run, and this website is all about making you money not losing it.

Don't worry I am not going to try and sell you a sophisticated system to “beat the bookies”, or ask you to sign up for hot tips for a monthly fee. All the advice on my site is free, it works, it is up to date and it can be used by anyone.

I provide you with an honest analysis of the betting industry. I research and offer the entire picture, and I don’t just promote a select few companies. For example, on my “Complete List of Bookmakers” page you will find pretty much every English-speaking bookmaker operating online, and not just those I have an affiliate agreement with. This is my way of offering you freedom of choice rather than only a handful of options. Sure, I will give you the best advice I can and tell you what I would personally do, but at the end of the day I am here to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the industry.

I will give you my honest opinion of my personal dealings with all the bookmakers, so that you can make an informed decision on the company you want to bet with. In addition to this, I will also provide you with some light entertainment by way of a selection of gambling stories and jokes. What’s more, you can also win money here. You can enter my “Story of The Month” competition for a chance to win £100, or £50 for second place.

Before you click around the site, please allow me to share a few words about myself…

For as long as I can remember, gambling has been an integral part of my life and my main source of income. I worked on and off for 10 years as a relief manager for a major British bookmakers. I worked in shops all over London, so I have heard my fair share of abuse, witnessed numerous cases of fraud, and seen a few armed robberies, not to mention the many other pleasantries of the job. I'll share some of my experiences with you on my “fun stuff” page.

I have tried my hand at gambling, arbitraging and making full use of free bets and promotions, and I will share these experiences with you so you can avoid the very costly mistakes I've made along the way. I will show you how you can profit from betting “risk free”, essentially providing you with a shortcut to success. So without claiming to be a gambling guru, I would say I can offer you quite a unique and well-rounded viewpoint on gambling, and I am confident you will profit from my knowledge and advice.